Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New place for Havanese Lovers to Gather

Well it has been a year hiatus! But I am going to try and get back to sharing all the adorable furkid information in one place (well that is the goal!) I completed my masters and am now teaching so this is still going to be a balance.

In the meantime, I have new addiction

Monday, April 13, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa visit!

The pups had an exciting visit when Grandma and Grandpa came. Isabelle was beyond thrilled as she knows she is the favorite and reminds them every second they are here to love her, Dora knows they hand out cookies or she can take food from them, and Dash learned that Grandpa does give good puppy massages as well! (Still thinking I need to upload Grandpa trying to run agility with both Neezers!)

Crate Training

I don't know why Dasher no longer likes to go in his crate.... completely busted at a rally trial!!!

Dasher's first time in Rally Advance

He did absolutely wonderful- no sniffing! Even notice at the end of hte course where the ring steward comes up and hands the leash at the exit (the judge put a right turn right to the exit- YIKES! Dash sit like his mama told him- WHAT A GOOD BOY! I remember doing this the first few times with Dora and she thought no leash meant she could sniff :) Dash seems to get a little lazy about 3/4ths through the course which means I am not making it fun enough so the next time I will try to make it a little more fun! A 99 for the first time without a leash is about 20 points higher than I thought we would get!!! And the club gave out gorgeous rosette placements- Dash could have cared less!

Amazing Dash

Well we are behind! Dasher has done rally 4 times now, qualified 4 times (98,97,99,99) and 3/4th times tied for first place. Unfortunately because he is small, he has usually lost the blue ribbon with the time breaker. But I am thrilled with him to say the least. He has probably only been on a rally course 5 times other than at trial. We practice a bit of doo dads here and there but he seems to have fun and is such a confident dog. His always willing to work attitude is excellent :) This weekend he absolutely delighted me with his offleash work (first time being off leash!) he could care less there wasn't a leash attached to him.

Here is a clip from his first time in the ring a few weekends ago:

Happy Easter!



Monday, March 30, 2009


Isabelle loves people. She knows she is really a person in a nicer coat but the cutest thing is when Belle sees someone she remembers and loves. I took her to the airport to pick up her aunt Missy. Dogs weren't allowed in the area so we placed Belle in her zip up bag. She sat trying to shove her nose out the tiny opening and then she heard Aunt Missy's voice. She went insane right then and we had to do everything in our power to keep the 5 pounder from losing it. She just has such an amazing memory and she really loves the special people in her life.

Warm weather is back :)

Dora's private fort

Dash graduates from Agility I

He is a superstar and loving agility class

Strange Snow in SC

We have been busy but still having fun. A few weeks ago we had an odd snow storm here.

As you can see Dasher has a very big backyard to protect from the evil snow! He wore himself out and was nuts the entire time there was snow.

A little more snow fun

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It is tax time....

Need help with your math?


Dora loves toys. She always has and she gets especially excited when she finds a toy she hasn't played with in awhile. Out comes Beaver...

P.S. I am a horrible Mom look at those paws- Dora needs to visit the Salon for a pedicure asap.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Squirrel Hunting

One of Dasher's favorite places to go is Daddy's University. As soon as he realizes he is there, he turns into a monster. He forgets about everything in the world, cries, runs, spins, and jumps into every grassy area.

Dash to Mommy: "So you guys walk like this so you can see the squirrels all the time?"

DoraDashPlayWestie 033

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ready, Set, Go!!!

I love Dasher's ears in the last one as that is the view I often have of him zooming at me or the girls.

Neezer Love

Dash and Dora have some similarities including LOVING the outdoors. Sometimes these two will stay out in the backyard and I will find them under a bush just laying down. With the nice weekend, we were able to get a few cute pics! Princess Belle couldn't be bothered to be outdoors doing yard work with us. The last one isn't them posed but avoiding me with the leaf blower.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Daddy brings home a new friend for Dora!

Can you tell she likes him! If you listen close you can hear her do her Dora giggles a bit. When she gets really excited she makse a humming sound. Maybe in a week or so when she is bored with him Dash will get a chance to play with him. Dora just goes nuts for interactive toys!

Belle and her belly!

Belle loves to be loved. She is a very selfish lover though! She also has no problem telling you that you aren't done. Look how she throws her legs up and grumbles at her daddy!

Dash v. Belle

Belle has decided Dora is okay to be alpha, It is a lot of work afterall. But Dash is not to climb the ladder above her. She loves to suddenly remind him out of the blue by attack him when he walks near the chew, she hasn't touched in an hour. Luckily, Dash really just lets Belle do whatever she wants. He stands up to Dora a lot more than Belle. But here is a video of him begging her. Dash always lays to my left side in the morning. That is his spot and look who decided to put the B back in Bitch- Belle ofcourse! :) There is no doubt, she knows damn well what she is doing! Gotta love her attitude but Dasher's begging is adorable!

Dora glams up!

Dasher begins Obedience Classes

This month Dashie has begun formal obedience training. He is very enthusiastic and I was a bit concerned about him getting bored with obedience. Well he just does it his way with a lot of energy! He is having fun and starting to put together when to sit and when not to sit but this was a video from earlier in January.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Boys will be Boys!

I am not sure which of my boys is having more fun here :) Dash just loves bags. I think Dora is responsible but Dasher missed her clue. Dora gets very excited when we shop, in fact she sticks her head in bags and tries to take things. Dash just assumed she was always trying to get the bag. He likes to play with poo bags too- just empty!

Monday, January 05, 2009


Isn't Belle the cutest! She loves this new trick. I am trying to teach her to do it just by the hand signal. Turn up the volume as you can hear Dash cry thinking she really is dead!

A new friend

This weekend, we had a friend come stay with us and her hav. As you can see Dash think Annie is very cute too! She is such a great happy hav and her tail never stops wagging!

Holiday Fun and Cheer

The pups had wonderful holidays. Between our home and visiting relatives, they received more than enough presents, attention and love. They all travel so well too. I am really blessed with some great easy going dogs. Isabelle had some trouble with weather. The winter storms bothered her but we were prepared with rescue remedy and blankets for her to hide in. She was also convinced we were going to leave her at the hotel so she when we started to get ready Belle would freak out if she coudln't get in the crate. She can be such a crazy little girl!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

DASHing thru the snow!

One of the things I was thrilled to do for the Holidays was taking Dasher to see the snow for the first time and see how we would react . I had these great thoughts of snow in my head and Dasher's first interaction was 6F and all ice on a potty break on the way up. He wasn't very thrilled but when we got to the white fluff you can see how quickly he forgot his California roots. You would find Dasher most of the trip wanting to go back outside to eat and play in the snow. Dora also joined suit and really didn't have a choice to run and be chased. Belle on the other hand absolutely hated her time in the cold. She would pee and run and lift her legs up. She didn't know what to do with herself.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays!

This is now the busy time of year for all of us. The furkids will be getting probably more than enough toys and food in the next week and visiting family which they love even more. And no, I won't make poor Dasher suffer with the antlers on all week!!! But notice how ADORABLE Isabelle looks in her photos. Belle always takes HORRIBLE photos. I was very happy with these ones. I thought someone stole my maltese and replaced her with a different one. She always looks so pissed off but I must have caught her on a really good day and maybe she was laughing at Dasher having to suffer with the antlers! The photo of them posed with Dasher jumping up, it finally took him to Dora's little shoot to realize the dog in the hot seat is the one who gets the cookies. Needless to say, suddenly he wanted his photo taken!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Calendar Time!

If you don't have a calendar yet or just want an adorable Havanese one, Dash and Dora are in this one so I might be VERY BIASED! It is a beautiful calendar created by Melissa Miller and is all Havanese. Dash is a very proud man and because he is so cute, he was included twice! He is with Dora in a Halloween photo dressed as giraffes and he is in a photo taken by Sally when we were at a San Francisco playdate where he looks so happy and adorable. The best part is I know a lot of the Havanese in this calendar and my kids have been able to play with them. They are adorable dogs but they are real dogs :) If you want to order the calendar,

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Isabelle's point of view

Isabelle can be a snob, there I have said it! She holds on to those royalty dog roots now and then. Including playing in the backyard! Dash and Dora are over double her size and sometimes when S's are involved, they bull doze her. So Belle will run out and look from the deck to see if it is really worth getting off and getting her princess toys wet and risk Dasher running her over. Also if we are outside and don't let her in this is what she does. To keep her loving chasing the animal life. Once in awhile I try to hold Dora and Dasher back (not an easy feat by any means) and let Belle be first to run. She blasts out the door screaming!

Daddy's boy in the making!

Dasher has been really bonded to me. He would love his Dad when Mom was busy or wasn't around but he would also use his dad to get to me! One day we were in the kitchen and I was cooking. Dash jumped and pawed Jim. He picked Dasher up and was saying that's right you love your Daddy. Dash was reaching over to get to me! But lately, Dasher has decided Dad can be fun even if Mom is around. He also doesn't toss and turn around in bed. You can also see your mommmy better if you are on Daddy's lap! When he is loving Jim I just try to ignore him but once in awhile maybe remind him who he loves the most. After all, I want to keep my Mommy's boy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

family cont!

Giving Thanks for Family

This year we stayed home and invited Jim's family down for the Turkey Day. We had a nice meal but more important we were able to be with family. Isabelle has always been nuts for her grandparents and her aunt. We were always told Dora was when we weren't around. But this year Dora decided to give thanks and a lot of love. I was so proud of her being a social butterfly. Aunt Missy also brought cousin TJ. Well it was so weird to see the dogs do well with Autumn but TJ is not a dog and an alien. They like to gang up and chase him and be mean too. Poor TJ was restricted to the leftover autumn rawhide. But he tried to redeem himself by slowly stealing all the toys. He couldn't believe the dogs would leave bones and toys in another room and tried to take everything home with him- clepto!

Mommy's Boy?

Dash is very much his mom's little man. He adores me and I adore him back almost as much. He does get a little upset when Mom is doing htings where he can't be with her. But he is willing to compromise and find another place to sit!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Some Autumn Action Clips

Here are some clips from the 2 weeks she was with us. You can see how Dash and her really developed into BFF's.


We recently had a visitor at the Brown house. Jim went out early one Sunday morning and a puppy found him. She was cold and pretty scared and we decided to foster her. She was very happy but needed some TLC (gross worms!) and we ended up finding an amazing forever home for her. She turned out to be an Australian Cattle Dog who almost never left our house. We just knew in our hearts that she needed the proper home and Isabelle went out of her way to make sure it wasn’t ours! Dasher loved her and played with her non stop. I think he decided he was a cattle dog too cause boy did he run circles around this little girl to let her know who was boss. Unfortunately, she didn’t understand show coat so he spent most of his time playing with her with a tshirt on to try and keep her from eating his hair. I tried to keep the bitey face to a minimum but Dash wouldn’t trade his time wrestling with her for anything! We both were upset the day she left but when her forever family arrived and brought her new ACD sister, we were able to watch them play and knew she was going to have a great family.

Belle's Bday Cake!

Well not really what she ate for Bday Dinner but the cake her daddy had to buy cause it reminded him of his baby girl.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Icing on the cake!

I love when I get the AKC certificates in the mail for each dog- it makes all those entry fees worth the little gold certificate! Here is Dasher's first that just arrived! I just think it is so pretty and glad I remembered to use his full name, whatever you write down on CGC is what they print so if you use a nickname that is what you get! I have kept Belle and Dora's and wish I could display each one but DH wouldn't let it fly but I do love to have them :)


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Isabelle's 6th Birthday

We took Belle up to the Cesar's head park and the Blue Ridge Mountains for her birthday party. Belle decided none of our family pets could go- only people (after all, she isn't a dog!). The morning was pretty chilly so we took her coat and a bag. She has a bit of pink residue from Halloween left but as you can see by her crazy leaf face, she got dirty enough to remove most of it. She is normally pretty clean but decided to stick her entire body into a giant hole! We did let Belle offleash where it wasn't busy and she had a blast. The second hike we went on was a lot more busy and Belle doesn't think there are strangers, just new people would like to love her given the chance so she had to be on leash. She really loves to be out hiking though. She eventually let me carry her in the bag and she didn't get sick (normally this is our sign Belle should be done running!) The next day, she barely moved and we were a bit nervous about her. Happy 6th Birthday Sweet Baby Belle!!!

Killer Bee!

Dashie struts his stuff at the Halloween Parade and then goes to his favorite place- the big hunting land. Belle and Dora have groomed Dashie from a young pup into a wild hunting machine. This is the only time he could care less about mommy and MUST FIND SQUIRRELS! Clemson has more than enough squirrels though! Unfortunately they are friendly and think a dog in a bee costume is harmless!